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Welcome to the official website of the American Airlines NDC Connection, where you can learn more about integration options and how to get started with the American NDC API.

American is an industry leader when it comes to NDC, and we are excited about the opportunity this technology provides to elevate the customer experience in new ways. With NDC, customers will have access to more of American's enhanced content and functionality. American's NDC program is completely optional, and we are working closely with interested travel agency and technology partners to make the most of NDC.

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How is American Airlines approaching NDC?

In June 2017, American announced a transparent, inclusive, and partner-oriented NDC strategy. Using the American NDC connection is optional and travel agencies, TMCs and customers are free to choose the distribution technologies that best suit their needs.

What benefits does the American NDC connection offer?

As part of the American NDC program, we’ll be developing customized content and functionality that provides greater choice to our customers. NDC can provide access to bundles, ancillaries, day of travel conveniences, enhanced duty of care data, and waiver and favor functionality currently only available via SalesLink.

How can customers access the benefits available with NDC?

American is working closely with travel agencies and TMCs to understand how best to deliver NDC-related benefits to our mutual customers.

When will customers start seeing the benefits of NDC?

Technology integration timelines will vary depending on the type and complexity of each integration. American and our partners will continue to provide updates as we progress.


Announcing American's new NDC Incentive Program

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